Crazy times behind us…

…and hopefully really behind us. Enough is enough. A lot has happened since my last visits on WordPress. Life was crazier than usual and I couldn’t even continue with my then new tech site I started in April. And I just won’t go on with that project either, it has lost its value in myContinue reading “Crazy times behind us…”

Gardening for Love

Hi there again, Yesterday, while we’ve been in a neighbouring city for a fun day of shopping, eating in a restaurant, walking, I thought: ‘Let’s surprise mom (wife)’ So, in a moment I told my wife, I gotta go to a store nearby, coming back soon. And soon it was, I came back and broughtContinue reading “Gardening for Love”

Britain’s got talents indeed

Those who follow my profile for a longer time, and have read my past blog, might remember I’m a fan of the Got Talent shows. That goes especially for the Britain’s Got Talent one. My favourite judge is Simon, a smart but sarcastic asshat. My type of person, delightfully brutal honesty. But it’s not aboutContinue reading “Britain’s got talents indeed”

Rain, bathrooms and cakes

It’s weekend, even for the freelance entrepreneurs as me and my dear wife, it is sometimes. Friday evening we decided, despite the expected rainy and windy weather, let’s go to the city and do something. Walk around, shop some, eat some… We certainly did. And as usual, it was fun. No matter any crap weather,Continue reading “Rain, bathrooms and cakes”