Cold, dark and dogs

‘sup Yeah, I have been a bit busy, so did not provide a crap about these pages. Until I did again. 🙂 I’ve had a lot of work with business activities, dogs, new family members (although just temporary ones) in form of 6 puppies. They were born on 22nd of October. Yes, correct math: they’reContinue reading “Cold, dark and dogs”

Superman Returns…

…Nah, that would be flattering but it’s just Me. I know, totally disappointing, but at least I have no kryptonite. Not this morning, nor tonight. Unintentional poetry, you could call it like that. On a more serious note, ever since June, when my last writing activities occurred here, a lot happened. We had an extraordinarilyContinue reading “Superman Returns…”

Four years have passed again…

It must have a good reason why the World Cup has the same acronym as the restroom (WC) At least why I think it is like that…probably because I find the football (or soccer) World Cup, or football in general, utterly useless. Boring. Flat out a turd after a full day’s meal marathon. But IContinue reading “Four years have passed again…”

Commenting on news: President of Mexico

I could have imagined many things this morning with the first coffee, while started paging the world news, tech news. All kind of news items through my forever favourite app for this, Flipboard. I wasn’t prepared for an early hour political satire. And that comedy is launched by a president, presented by the New YorkerContinue reading “Commenting on news: President of Mexico”