Mother Nature is a joker

Serious, I cannot take her seriously anymore. Once refuses to start a Spring with a proper timing. And when it finally starts, she rethinks her actions after 1 week and updates us with mid-Summer treatment. Temperatures above the 30C. Day after day. Now I know, I should not “sound” like someone complaining, but I wouldContinue reading “Mother Nature is a joker”

iPhone-O-Graphy 4.

Today is such a day again. Actually the whole week. Sun, sun, sun! And with that, more green, more flowers, more us outside to smell April’s freshness, and wonder how could we get this lucky, to live here. I’m just writing quickly some for you, passing today’s photos  and then I go back. My BengalContinue reading “iPhone-O-Graphy 4.”

I love your warmth

I love your sounds, you brought those birds, Seeing them happy, music to my ears. I love your smell, the flowers, fresh bushes, Wonderful green cape you wear. I love your strength beats the cold every year, I love your warmth, dear Spring, I feel so well! We had an appointment my sweet one, we’veContinue reading “I love your warmth”

Life returned to the village

I had such a feeling this morning, I have to get out of the bed early enough, it is a wonderful Saturday.  It wasn’t a mistake. A warmer, relaxed, sunny morning awaited. And a bit of a cleaning work in the garden, repair work at the end of our land where our birdies’ yard andContinue reading “Life returned to the village”

Sun, where is it?

I looked this morning at the calendar (digital) and it showed 2nd of March. In my book, a rather desperate one now, it would be time for some changes. Like little more sun, less apocalypse from above. Thanks in advance! After the calendar, I looked outside too. Just to see, we’re 50 cm further fromContinue reading “Sun, where is it?”