Two and a half snowmen

I knew this year would be different.It is. Snow has already arrived, 20 cm in a weekend’s first half. I hate snow less than winter itself as a whole, the temperature is better when heavy snow clouds appear. And you can pull each other stupid on a sleigh, making snowman front your gate, throwing grumpyContinue reading “Two and a half snowmen”

Ode to the Stupid

The world needs You We can’t deny you the right to spill your vast retard, There is no hate towards you, little simple-minded bastard. It’s nothing just amusing to see you sweating under your bliss, The shades of ignorance protecting your hollow eyesight, Mirroring void and dark space others would expect a mind at. TheContinue reading “Ode to the Stupid”

Rain, bathrooms and cakes

It’s weekend, even for the freelance entrepreneurs as me and my dear wife, it is sometimes. Friday evening we decided, despite the expected rainy and windy weather, let’s go to the city and do something. Walk around, shop some, eat some… We certainly did. And as usual, it was fun. No matter any crap weather,Continue reading “Rain, bathrooms and cakes”