LED, there be light!

I love modern looking objects and especially those which are useful too.And, I do have a passion for making efforts to keep my eyes good, as long as just possible. I use them. Daily. A little while ago, when we went to a nearby city for shopping, this time mainly Christmas decorations for our home,Continue reading “LED, there be light!”

There we go again, it’s coming

Now, for some, it is yay and hurrays, for me it is definitely doomsday season. The months-long wet (not on the way some would want), cold, windy and sickening period is here again. Some have a fetish for this relentless suffering and they write its horrifying name starting with a capital letter: Winter. It suggestsContinue reading “There we go again, it’s coming”

The Originals – Soundtrack playlist

I hate bad news. But of course, who doesn’t?! Not long ago, the makers of the brilliant dark series, The Originals, ended this great story and doing so with a rather hasted, weird closing. I’m not your usual series-fan, nor I would suffer physical pain of loss because of the ending of any. But thisContinue reading “The Originals – Soundtrack playlist”

Four years have passed again…

It must have a good reason why the World Cup has the same acronym as the restroom (WC) At least why I think it is like that…probably because I find the football (or soccer) World Cup, or football in general, utterly useless. Boring. Flat out a turd after a full day’s meal marathon. But IContinue reading “Four years have passed again…”