Frozen rays, all betray

I see you little crap, you smile me from far,You show your rays again, Sun, but your rayalways betrays? I ignore you now, til warmer tides come again,As when last time I obeyed you,My ass was frozen in a square. You told me you’re here and no cold yet to come,And I foolishly thought, whyContinue reading “Frozen rays, all betray”

There we go again, it’s coming

Now, for some, it is yay and hurrays, for me it is definitely doomsday season. The months-long wet (not on the way some would want), cold, windy and sickening period is here again. Some have a fetish for this relentless suffering and they write its horrifying name starting with a capital letter: Winter. It suggestsContinue reading “There we go again, it’s coming”