Asshole designs

Now, before I’m typing down my warning to everyone who started to play or planned to play some casual titles on Apple Arcade, I would say this first: I LOVE a good challenge, a nice, sophisticated, smart game which doesn’t give a trophy easily. Too easy gets boring very fast. No problem with that. ButContinue reading “Asshole designs”

Microsoft blunders continue

And the Linux world must love this! Lately Microsoft has been, again, a trustworthy source of fun, memes, reason to joke about their efforts and their “brand new” OS release, Windows 11. Where in the heck should I start? 😀 There are a few stats which also showed lately that Microsoft is one of theContinue reading “Microsoft blunders continue”

The oppression of regressive progression

So, here we are again…hi, You know, given that I like those I got to know here somewhat and I do respect the rest, I wish we could have a better, much more sane world with the historical amount of common sense. Anyway, still a happy 2021 for all of you! Why did I sayContinue reading “The oppression of regressive progression”

Revolutionary banking? Not so fast!

If you’ve ever thought about to switch from your good old, rusty bank to this hyped up sensation of Revolut… think twice! Or rather, just reject the idea. They exist for a few years and they make every week more and more people desperate and angry, as many honest and good working citizens around theContinue reading “Revolutionary banking? Not so fast!”

Don’t panic, please

This is the first piece of a new category on my site, just created today: Unpopular Opinions. The category’s title, you’ll see, is slightly sarcastic and if you belong to a certain sensitive group of people, see it as a warning: it goes against everything left, far left and the 2010’s and 20’s so calledContinue reading “Don’t panic, please”