Apple blew a blow…again!

That’s the thing with Apple, no matter the amount of leaks, they just can surprise you with unexpected developments. Sometimes, those goods are more under the hood. End of last year, Apple provided a major shake up and huge blow to other companies like AMD, Intel and Nvidia. Apple designed an own chipset (an SoCContinue reading “Apple blew a blow…again!”

Reading is…

…could say fundamental, but that’s so cliché. It’s as important as breathing, eating. It’s controlled daydreaming. As I mentioned in my previous writing, after really stupid times, it was time that I picked up writing and reading where I’ve left off, also to achieve my reading goals, set in my Apple Books app. Yes, IContinue reading “Reading is…”

Music is Life

And it always has been for me.In my entire life. Disclaimer: this post requires HEADPHONES, earphones. I love to listen to certain electronic music styles the most, but not exclusively. Deep house, trance and its sub-genres, house, but some of my playlists on Spotify and Apple Music contain Soul-R&B, pop, rock as well from theContinue reading “Music is Life”

F8 2019 and the irony of The future is private

This is the thing normally I would never do: watching an entire keynote of Facebook Inc. and Mark Zuckerberg (Sugar Mountain, really?!). But after watching a 12 minutes edit from Verge, I had to. I had to go to YouTube and search for the entire Facebook keynote, just to listen if I heard all well.Continue reading “F8 2019 and the irony of The future is private”