Completely cats and kittens

Over 30 true stories inside the new book What would be the world wide web without them? What would be our lives without them? The cats. You do have one or some, or you don’t, you might want to enjoy (true) stories in a nice book about them, about our almighty rulers. Completely Cats gotContinue reading “Completely cats and kittens”

Thou shalt not decide today?

Winter(?) weather challenges and (dis)connected thoughts While Shakespeare is my favourite with both drama and comedy, I wasn’t making an attempt to write a piece in such a style. Why not such ambitions, thee ask’d mé? He was an utter genius, and I’m not. ‘Thou shalt not decide today’ was meant for this “gorgeous weather”,Continue reading “Thou shalt not decide today?”

Site facelift and Shift+Enter

Over the looks and function Hi there again, I see, just a few short hours after opening the red door of my imagination’s new universe, and you great folks flood into like it would be a Black Friday sales of little fairy tales. It makes me very glad, I extremely appreciate all the positive vibesContinue reading “Site facelift and Shift+Enter”

Reasons behind a new blog

I know, I know, some of you might realize well who is the guy behind this blog site. Yep, that one. The creator and maintainer of THIS ONE here. But …why this? Above mentioned site is for professional purposes, a place for my freelance career and a work, freelance professions and tools related blog withContinue reading “Reasons behind a new blog”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Thanks for daring, as I dare to put online all that my mind is capable of to produce. The Red Door is opening. Wide. We both are up to a hell of a ride…   …do not fasten that seatbelt, it’s much more fun without.     Good company in a journeyContinue reading “The Journey Begins”