Apple blew a blow…again!

That’s the thing with Apple, no matter the amount of leaks, they just can surprise you with unexpected developments. Sometimes, those goods are more under the hood. End of last year, Apple provided a major shake up and huge blow to other companies like AMD, Intel and Nvidia. Apple designed an own chipset (an SoCContinue reading “Apple blew a blow…again!”

Reading is…

…could say fundamental, but that’s so cliché. It’s as important as breathing, eating. It’s controlled daydreaming. As I mentioned in my previous writing, after really stupid times, it was time that I picked up writing and reading where I’ve left off, also to achieve my reading goals, set in my Apple Books app. Yes, IContinue reading “Reading is…”

Crazy times behind us…

…and hopefully really behind us. Enough is enough. A lot has happened since my last visits on WordPress. Life was crazier than usual and I couldn’t even continue with my then new tech site I started in April. And I just won’t go on with that project either, it has lost its value in myContinue reading “Crazy times behind us…”

Guess who’s visiting you…

It’s me…again… Yes, yes, from time to time I visit back to tell some things and bore you to tears.Also to tell about a new project I just started and worked on for a while, a NEW SITE: There will be (and already are in fact) thoughts, facts (serious and funny) and opinions on technologyContinue reading “Guess who’s visiting you…”

An iconic comedy got a second part

Fuck rockets and rovers, and Mars! This is much bigger! An iconic and worldwide favourite movie from 1988-90, Coming to America, has a come back this year, with a second part! I’m currently downloading it, going to watch it tonight and will come back in the weekend to you with a review and all theContinue reading “An iconic comedy got a second part”