Guess who’s visiting you…

It’s me…again… Yes, yes, from time to time I visit back to tell some things and bore you to tears.Also to tell about a new project I just started and worked on for a while, a NEW SITE: There will be (and already are in fact) thoughts, facts (serious and funny) and opinions on technologyContinue reading “Guess who’s visiting you…”

An iconic comedy got a second part

Fuck rockets and rovers, and Mars! This is much bigger! An iconic and worldwide favourite movie from 1988-90, Coming to America, has a come back this year, with a second part! I’m currently downloading it, going to watch it tonight and will come back in the weekend to you with a review and all theContinue reading “An iconic comedy got a second part”

Amarok is back to rock!

Linux and open source software world has a well known, old and in tremendously slow steps developed media application: Amarok. Sometimes it happens that some open source applications, no matter how popular they are, get developed in a very slow pace, or even halted for a while. These developers often give their efforts in theirContinue reading “Amarok is back to rock!”

Surprise of the new year in Linux

I consider it a surprise for myself, although the Linux distribution I’m showing here has been released in October last year, I haven’t touched it until recently. I have set up the system a week ago. What a surprise indeed, after that! I haven’t been much of a fan of Fedora in the past, thereContinue reading “Surprise of the new year in Linux”