We are definition of Doomed

Revelations of the Vampire My brother, we might seem to be blessed, Nor sickness nor man could get us ever dead. We wander on this Earth endlessly, Living in dark, for all eternity. We think, we breath and we think that We love, and being loved, but All what we fake to love, we’ve everContinue reading “We are definition of Doomed”

Reasons behind a new blog

I know, I know, some of you might realize well who is the guy behind this blog site. Yep, that one. The creator and maintainer of THIS ONE here. But …why this? Above mentioned site is for professional purposes, a place for my freelance career and a work, freelance professions and tools related blog withContinue reading “Reasons behind a new blog”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Thanks for daring, as I dare to put online all that my mind is capable of to produce. The Red Door is opening. Wide. We both are up to a hell of a ride…   …do not fasten that seatbelt, it’s much more fun without.     Good company in a journeyContinue reading “The Journey Begins”