iPhonography – Portrait and Wide angles

That was really long ago…so, it’s time to continue the iPhone photography journey, with you.
Topics are: portrayal and wide angle shots.

And yes, the big doggo have had longer, seemingly left alone fur (3rd photo, dog with my wife), as we do not cut it between late fall and early spring, because of the cold (we do brush them nicely, however). Such cosmetics are for the warm spring weather until early fall. Health is health. And yes, their part of the garden was not done yet that time. Now the background would look entirely differently.

Phone model changed since last photo publications, of course, to: iPhone 11 Pro Max

That’s all, for now.


There is one wish…

There is no greed to fuel my motives,
No other place I would live at instead.
I’m content with all we call our own,
Having our love and we call this home.
There are no fields and mountains prettier,
And no lady a better fit or any sweeter.
There isn’t a place as calm as your hug…



there is just ONE wish I have in mind,
That Apple would solve all of Big Sur’s bugs! 😀

Remembering 2020

We’ve awaited you a year ago,
With many plans and hopes.
But you killed off so much dreams,
When I sleep, still hear their screams.

You’re gone and now far away,
Keep your Karma out of way!
You’ve brought such pile of shit,
All the cleaning kills my back.

The world won’t miss you, I do believe,
My parting gift is my fingertip!

The Population of spaceship Earth

The oppression of regressive progression

So, here we are again…hi,

You know, given that I like those I got to know here somewhat and I do respect the rest, I wish we could have a better, much more sane world with the historical amount of common sense. Anyway, still a happy 2021 for all of you!

Why did I say historical?! Because you have to have lived under a rock in recent years (at least the past 5-6) if you haven’t seen all the insane changes a small percentage of the western population tries to create, and not for the better. Although, they often beg to differ. And the name of the game is the raging extreme left!

These people usually have such a useless, empty, flat out mute “life”, they had to find ways to achieve a level of meaning in our societies. And I say societies as this snowflake, safe space, politically “correct”, raging, lunatic, socialist movement wrecks havoc to proportions we soon won’t be able to bare, neither to ignore any further, in many western countries. We used to be able to argue, debate, question anything we wanted, no matter how, with today’s eyes, controversial or uncomfortable a topic has been. But that happened between parties sharing the same properties: common sense, critical thinking, being educated, and understood the meaning of words like acceptance, (real) tolerance and debating skills.

Let’s assess what exactly they rage about:

Sex and gender – they try to destroy the FACTUAL, scientifically supported meaning of sex, things we can observe and research easily. And it started in 2015, YES, from the United States, like most of the nonsense nowadays. Just because an extraordinarily small portion of the world’s population has a genetic change, ambiguous sexual properties, pseudo-scientific circles forced the theory of “fluid” and “spectrumized” gender. Instead of understanding that natural genetics can sometimes produce faulty results. Hell, they even made college degree out of this madness under gender studies! You know, diploma for people who never will have a career and well paid jobs. And later they cry about how unfair, they deserve equal pay for the non existing values they “create”. They not just question things which never can be questioned, but they enforce their irrationality. When you try to have an argument with them about it, they want to cancel you, they ridicule you, shame you, calling you a bigot. They always respond with extreme emotions, no matter how rational and calm you might step into a conversation. There are biological facts why I am a male, and no matter what I claim, I won’t be 100% a woman (despite modern medication and dangerous fiddling with the body we can do today) even if I would want to. Mind you, I do not. It is not a social construct or attempt of oppression. It can be supported with biological FACTS. Not wishes, not theories.

Cancel cult… – fuck, I won’t ever call it a culture! A minority group believes that everyone who thinks differently, who feels differently, who forms opinions and facts differently and dares to debate, must be cancelled. Because, ladies and gentlemen, nowadays such is deemed to be toxic and regressive. Because there are two generations (approx.) you raised to become participation trophy, snowflake generations. Kens and Karens. You don’t form your sentences on the way THEY want, you need to be cancelled. You don’t use one of the many heavily made up “gender pronouns” (fuck me, hahaha, I cannot write this with a straight face), you are a nazi, a bigot, homophobic, transphobic, and they declare your argument as HATE SPEECH. The term created in the last few years, AND in some mad western countries it actually became a legal fact. You can be blocked, sentenced, you can be fined and fired on such a vague term as hate speech. Fuck me sideways!

Transgender self importance (heavy respect for the sane exceptions!) – I get it, your sexual preference is different and you find sexuality differently attractive and that is how you wish to continue your existence. There would be NOTHING wrong with it….IF…if a percentage of those trans citizens and netizens wouldn’t try to make life the depth of madness they currently work on to become for everyone else. Respect for the exceptions, again! Because, fortunately, there are. But, you know what the problem is with the existence of exceptions in a context, don’t you?! It shows how big and growing a problem is. I agree, DO NOT discriminate and hurt any gay, lesbian, trans member of a country. Discrimination and actual aggression in any form is unacceptable! But the aggression of the so called SJW causes just more and more segregation, instead of unification. Calling good women TERFs on no other reason than those women try to protect their legit case of equality and respect, the quality of their lives, doesn’t make them hateful. Also women had to fight very very long (in fact, often still have to) for acknowledging their values, their skills, their differences from males, their incredible worth in society and gaining normal human rights. Trans woman is by its definition NOT a woman and cannot be a woman. There is nothing wrong in my book with to live your life pretending to be one if you wish, being a queer, but being an asshole about towards those who did not deserve and putting a question mark on their feminine existence with your behaviour and demands (sports anyone?) is bigotry. YOU ARE a bigot, I’m calling you out. Those who are. Again, respect for the small % of exceptions, we continue to love and support you, no matter trans woman, man or trans unicorn!

Using the terms nazi and fascist far too often – and far too lightly! They are awful, awful expressions. If you are a…social justice “warrior” (my god, I don’t believe they use terms like this to identify themselves) and you originally meant to unite, how dare you label good, sane and well-educated people with horrible terms like those?! Terms of mass murder, true segregation, extinction, years of horror and true injustice. Just because you lose a debate. SJW stands for nothing else than silencing, no matter by what means, all of those who can think better, often know better, and can converse on a much higher degree than they ever could learn to.

The list is not complete, obviously.

You call yourselves WARRIORS when you cannot even get a good job, learn simple facts, or cannot even decide if you are a girl or a boy. I would guess, many of them simply have serious, unsolved mental issues. You pretend to be a warrior from the comfort of a modern, safe country, often from the warmth and security of your home, in a first world location. Ever tried to fight injustice in African territories? Or some Asian ones? Well…there is that.

The others just suffer from a shallow, empty, unremarkable existence, raised by parents who never could teach them about true respect, decency, values, and how you supposed to EARN respect, or what are critical thinking, quality education, understanding, patience, listening, and healthy debating skills. They were never seen, never heard and they grew up and they want to change that, but the only thing they have is a loud voice and the rage. Usually about nothing, sitting in the most modern, safest countries where they can do this, because we collective morons allowing them to get away with the never-ending harassment.

They don’t care if they have to watch the world (or your country) burn. They must be heard, seen and treated as always just and right!

Consequences be damned.

Revolutionary banking? Not so fast!

If you’ve ever thought about to switch from your good old, rusty bank to this hyped up sensation of Revolut… think twice! Or rather, just reject the idea.

They exist for a few years and they make every week more and more people desperate and angry, as many honest and good working citizens around the globe got their accounts, cards and smaller-larger funds blocked. For how long? Well, it depends on how unlucky you were, and believe me, the length of blocking has nothing to do with Revolut’s competency. They have none. Duration is between days and months (some even a year). Most cases are sadly on the lengthy route.

And yes, those many, many complaints on their Facebook page are all valid. Very valid.
Of course, while in some cases security checks on funds are quite alright, what’s currently happening at Revolut and with their customers massively is completely extraordinary. Scandalous even. I think it won’t take long until a group of customers and some lawyers go on the route of a class action lawsuit.

Be warned, if you played with the thought of having a new and shiny, revolutionary banking life: don’t! Sooner or later, it will cost you on the extreme.

I’m sure I won’t touch it ever again, my funds are safe at last.