An iconic comedy got a second part

Fuck rockets and rovers, and Mars! This is much bigger! An iconic and worldwide favourite movie from 1988-90, Coming to America, has a come back this year, with a second part! I’m currently downloading it, going to watch it tonight and will come back in the weekend to you with a review and all theContinue reading “An iconic comedy got a second part”

Amarok is back to rock!

Linux and open source software world has a well known, old and in tremendously slow steps developed media application: Amarok. Sometimes it happens that some open source applications, no matter how popular they are, get developed in a very slow pace, or even halted for a while. These developers often give their efforts in theirContinue reading “Amarok is back to rock!”

Surprise of the new year in Linux

I consider it a surprise for myself, although the Linux distribution I’m showing here has been released in October last year, I haven’t touched it until recently. I have set up the system a week ago. What a surprise indeed, after that! I haven’t been much of a fan of Fedora in the past, thereContinue reading “Surprise of the new year in Linux”

Linux grew up

Most of you are probably Windows and Mac users, which is just a guess. Probably a good one. But, given that Linux, the free and open source alternative to commercial operating systems, is 30 years old this year, I’m sure you have heard of it in some extent and context. You might even have metContinue reading “Linux grew up”