Love, and merciful lies

Revelations of the Vampire II While walking on the many lands of Earth, For generations’ time alone, or with you, brother, Perhaps, to keep that I love, from dead all too sure, I might have sailed far from Reason’s clear shore. I was wicked, vicious and tempted to see This world burning, and everyone flee.Continue reading “Love, and merciful lies”

Thou shalt not decide today?

Winter(?) weather challenges and (dis)connected thoughts While Shakespeare is my favourite with both drama and comedy, I wasn’t making an attempt to write a piece in such a style. Why not such ambitions, thee ask’d mé? He was an utter genius, and I’m not. ‘Thou shalt not decide today’ was meant for this “gorgeous weather”,Continue reading “Thou shalt not decide today?”

Site facelift and Shift+Enter

Over the looks and function Hi there again, I see, just a few short hours after opening the red door of my imagination’s new universe, and you great folks flood into like it would be a Black Friday sales of little fairy tales. It makes me very glad, I extremely appreciate all the positive vibesContinue reading “Site facelift and Shift+Enter”

The last day

Last town Now we have our answers – said Norton Yes, we certainly do, we got all the confirmation, more so than we wished for – answered Paul with a sad, forced grin on his face. They stood powerless in the main road’s bakery of their little town, while bloody deads, screaming-running livings, and burningContinue reading “The last day”

We are definition of Doomed

Revelations of the Vampire My brother, we might seem to be blessed, Nor sickness nor man could get us ever dead. We wander on this Earth endlessly, Living in dark, for all eternity. We think, we breath and we think that We love, and being loved, but All what we fake to love, we’ve everContinue reading “We are definition of Doomed”