Crazy times behind us…

…and hopefully really behind us. Enough is enough.

A lot has happened since my last visits on WordPress.

Life was crazier than usual and I couldn’t even continue with my then new tech site I started in April. And I just won’t go on with that project either, it has lost its value in my eyes and there shouldn’t be the millionth tech related portal on the web. Fuck it! Consider it closed! If you liked it, sorry…that sucks.

So hi there!

There were struggles business wise (thanks, COVID-madness!), some financial issues to work out, relationship issues, family problems of other kind…fuck me, I’m telling you, when you’re “blessed”, then you get showered with! It’s not pouring, fuck no, you get the entire long, cold shower sequence! And when that is over, then comes the warm piss over that layer!
But, hey, you know what…it seems to be over and I can focus again more on pleasant things, like continuing my yearly reading goals, rebooting writing, and to bore the web.

I always showed you how cute and great it is to have dogs, but I’m telling you, from my own lifelong and also more recent experiences, there are utterly clear health benefits too. Mentally and biologically. For one example, they’re instant relief for your blood, as just a hug from a dog can make your blood pressure drop instantly from high to normal. And of course it releases hormones to make you feel great. Dogs ARE therapy (and the greatest friends)! Promote the love and protection for these marvellous creatures, because as we need them, they need us too. After all, it is 20-30.000 years old friendship. Longest in human history.

I got the new M1 MacBook Air (could be expected from this Apple boy).

Nope, this is not bragging. I’m just telling you, if you can afford it (not really expensive) and you could use a really, really good quality and well performing machine you can use everywhere, don’t hesitate! It is crazy great! Its overall work performance, its design, the insane battery life, Touch ID on keyboard, its incredible speeds are all serious reasons to consider one. And you know, it’s Apple…it will be supported long with software. Also, no matter what, it is SILENT. I mean, silent silent. Zero sound, as with this new chipset and design no fans needed. Fuck yeah! It’s a dream for anyone.

Apple did a great job with the M1 Macs! Kudos!

Yes, thanks, our dogs are fine (rather, great) and as always, utterly spoiled. 😀
They deserve it, it’s an incredible team we form together. Me, wife and the dogs. Magical team.

Now, go, order your Mac!


    1. We are here more and more up, financially and other ways too. Stronger every month. Incomes are building back, learning new and valuable skills and I feel generally much more energised. Thanks!


  1. Ever considered being a brand ambassador for apple??
    honestly getting my macbook pro was one of my best decisions, the amount of absolute torture this poor baby endures on regular basis could make another device self-immolate.

    I’m glad that rough patch is over and you and your little family is doing fine.

    about the tech site, I’m sure it must have taught you something and as long as you learned anything, nothing got wasted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahhaha, yeah, I could see myself Apple brand ambassador. I love all of their products, because they are absolute sheer quality: hardware, software, services. We have the entire range of products in our household, for two persons.

      Thanks, things are really good now, finally. It was time for!

      I have spread myself too thin, so I closed it off. I rather focus on few valuable things and excelling at those. Better philosophy in my eyes.


      1. I totally get that philosophy because that’s what i have to resort to every now and then.
        When something seems to drain my energy and it’s not really progressing i leave it for sometime completely and revisit it only when i really feel like i should. It’s more of instinct game.


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