This year is about action

After going through a relatively shitty 2020, and ’21 starting much better for us, we decided we are ready to do some more good in our society. In the province where we live. Giving not just our sympathies and likes and shares, and sometimes financial support, for animal rescue organizations, but to jump in and help out physically as well. For one particular and proactive organization, closest to our location.

We made space for becoming temporary foster parents for dogs in dire need, in emergency!

This one thing is always needed, I know, as the situation around these sweet animals often bad in some provinces within my country, our province is no exception. So, I became a supporting member for an animal police association and we will regularly provide safe harbour for dogs which they save from terrible conditions. Many of these dogs are often not just neglected, but flat out abused. Both mentally and physically. We take such cases, one to three at a time, and providing shelter, food, medications and veterinary care, with mental rehabilitation. Preparing them for a future forever home…

In fact, we received our first “customer” on Wednesday. We gave a name for him: Foxy. You can see below why.

He is around one year old, or a few months passed that at maximum, and his past owners practically never cared for him. He never knew kind words in his short life, until now, rarely any normal food (was fed when wasn’t entirely forgotten there). Instead of being part of the household, he was locked outside in a…hard to write it down…a pig stall. An empty, but gradually dirtier and dirtier, cold pig stall! I’m still furious. We took him away. The owner have had two choices: we take the dog without any arguments from them, or we come back with the police force. They chose the easier path, fortunately. Good for Foxy too, faster into caring hands. Right into our home, arms and hands.

We still battle his dirt on his fur, as you can see on the photographs, it will take a few more showers with dog shampoo, but at least we got rid of his flees (spot on used), together with his fear. He started to trust us, play with us, and with the rest of the pack too very soon.

This is Foxy, the foster kid:

He is very intelligent, as cooperative as could be after a few days recovery, and he is full with good will. So much is obvious. We’ll find him a good family.

Yes, that hoodie on me is old and torn a bit, I kept it intentionally for times with dogs. Ours and foster ones.

I hope Karma gets all the animal abusers, sooner rather than later.
If not, we will!

Over and out.

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