Kids grow up…

It’s one of Life’s undeniable facts, even though I would love to deny it sometimes.
As I told you more than a year ago, back in that time we got gifted with six incredibly sweet and very healthy puppies. Almost all of those went to wonderful people, great families.
Almost all. With one exception:

If you navigate to that old post with the link above, the first picture is her, Favou, at the age of 4 months, approx.

Since the third month of her life, she showed an unusual level of affection towards me and my wife, and intelligence, and the sheer will to listen and follow, starting to comply with rules. Once she understood those.
So, we kept her. It was destiny.

And boy, we chose so, so well!

Today, even as an “adult” (never really will be ever a normal adult, this clown), she is the same playful, happy, and terribly loving girl, with more understanding of rules and games. She is learning, and learning fast. How wonderful to see the progress. Her parents are fantastic too (not me and Kath, but her dog ones), but she exceeds every expectation!

Did you look at her old picture?
Have it in your mind right now?

Then here she is, today:

Doesn’t she look like a little Chewie?


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