Look who’s talking


Wow, many of you are incredibly loyal followers!
106 many of you (still lost 2/3), to be precise…and god, this WP has changed since I haven’t been around to bore you death (since 2nd of May 2019).

I have a lot to tell you and lot to write down. Where on Earth to start?
Anyone experienced with such reboots, how hard it is?

We got a new house
We got more dogs
We got new (and good, loyal) friends
We started new businesses and layed out plans for new ones, and
We still love each other! That is the one thing practically we don’t have new: Love.

Is it enough for a summary? No?

I’ll be back…for real. 😀

6 thoughts on “Look who’s talking

      1. Sorry for the delayed response … I’ve been bogged down! All is just fine thanks v much. And what of you? I’m very behind as ever on posts so am sure to have a lot to read on yours.


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