Two and a half snowmen


I knew this year would be different.
It is.

Snow has already arrived, 20 cm in a weekend’s first half. I hate snow less than winter itself as a whole, the temperature is better when heavy snow clouds appear. And you can pull each other stupid on a sleigh, making snowman front your gate, throwing grumpy people with snowballs…those things are OK.

Here is our snowman:

He is around 1.70 (yes, cm, yes metric), and we call him Freddy. Indeed, from the Krueger-family, Amanda’s son. The ill one.

A closer look. I want that it haunts you. The entire season, and maybe even beyond. 😀
The man at work. You don’t see here, but my wife helped too. Now we are the two and a half snowmen. She is half. Her size, you know. Although, she’s a woman. But we don’t discriminate.

That was it.
You can go now.

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