LED, there be light!


I love modern looking objects and especially those which are useful too.
And, I do have a passion for making efforts to keep my eyes good, as long as just possible. I use them. Daily.

A little while ago, when we went to a nearby city for shopping, this time mainly Christmas decorations for our home, I saw something interesting at Media Markt. Nice, new collection of office table lights. All LED, of course. I do prefer LED everywhere in our house, so a table light should be that too.

This one is packed with handy buttons and functions, all that a practical male user can love.
Don’t look at the background, got stuff for animals with delivery and other items, still must make a little order in the galaxy.

Control galore!
Info galore!
LED galore! It has 3 types of warmth: cold, mixed and warm

It has cost: €35 if you want to know. People like numbers, I know.
I have to figure out yet how to change Fartenheit to Celsius. You know, the real measurement unit of temperature. 🙂

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