Cold, dark and dogs


Yeah, I have been a bit busy, so did not provide a crap about these pages.
Until I did again. 🙂

I’ve had a lot of work with business activities, dogs, new family members (although just temporary ones) in form of 6 puppies. They were born on 22nd of October. Yes, correct math: they’re a bit over a month old. Your ability to count is spectacular, I’m totally blown away.

Also, keen observation, I’m more sarcastic than usual (necessary or not). That is Robert’s phasing into the dreadful Winter. The annoying, crappy, cold, dark, grey, fucked up Winter. The season adored by so many (might God “bless” their lives with eternal Winter, hahahaha). So….you missed me?! 😀

Here, puppies for you, for all the “awww” and “ohhhh”:

Well? Liking them?
Then why the hell don’t you share the site?! Like ever?!

Don’t worry, I’m not angry, just practicing. Acting.
Almost like fake news.



      1. ahaha thats pretty normal cycle. yea pets can trigger grandma instinct in you sometimes. you know they are full but you still keep feeding them.
        it’s hard not to get attached.
        if I puppy comes into my life few days later the puppy will be tending to me and filling my plate and hiring people for walking me. I struggle with taking care of myself God knows what I will do to a pet..


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