The Originals – Soundtrack playlist

I hate bad news. But of course, who doesn’t?!

Not long ago, the makers of the brilliant dark series, The Originals, ended this great story and doing so with a rather hasted, weird closing. I’m not your usual series-fan, nor I would suffer physical pain of loss because of the ending of any. But this case is different because this was a great, dark vampire story. And frankly, as you already know, I love vampires.

No, I do not like all vampire stories, there have been a few we can hang onto the Wall of Shame (looking at you Twilight), but I like most of them, also the classic cinema tales. Especially those! As much as I was definitely not a fan of the Vampire Diaries, really loved the Originals. And the crazy thing is: they go on and on and on with a rather boring Diaries through 8 heavy-to-digest seasons, while its better, much darker and grown-up storyline abruptly stops at mid-5! Logic is officially dead, ladies and gentlemen.

I think we can agree, it was a moronic decision. OK, it is their right to do so.

To ease the experience of the loss a bit, I searched on Apple Music for the soundtracks (besides downloaded all seasons).
And the search resulted in a long and melodic playlist. The soundtracks of the Originals. I would dare to claim to be complete even…should I dare?! You’ll be the judge of that…

With much love, sharing with you:

The Originals Soundtrack on Apple Music

Apologies for Spotify users, I’m on Apple devices and services, let’s say in their ecosystem, so no Spotify list. Sorry!




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