Superman Returns…


…Nah, that would be flattering but it’s just Me.

I know, totally disappointing, but at least I have no kryptonite.
Not this morning, nor tonight.

Unintentional poetry, you could call it like that.

On a more serious note, ever since June, when my last writing activities occurred here, a lot happened. We had an extraordinarily busy summer, and not much less busy autumn (or calling it Fall, as the leaves would agree too).

-House is getting slowly renovated, we had a summer holiday, a new dog came to us (from a shelter) as a mate for our Maze. His name is Toby.
-Ever growing business and its demands to take care of daily.
-A week ago Maze pushed out her puppies after 2 months pregnancy (there was doctor visit on schedule to prevent it, however, they just didn’t wait for that).
-Lots and lots of new books bought, read, collecting. Paper and electronic alike.

So, summed up.

Yes, yes, there will be puppy pictures, people. Puppy Potograhy… photography. Just let them grow. I got a refreshment of iPhone (7 to an X) so even better pictures will come to the iPhone Photography section of this site. I LOVE the portrait of the iPhone X. Look:



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