Four years have passed again…

It must have a good reason why the World Cup has the same acronym as the restroom (WC)

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At least why I think it is like that…probably because I find the football (or soccer) World Cup, or football in general, utterly useless. Boring. Flat out a turd after a full day’s meal marathon.

But I wouldn’t mind what others like or watch, visit. If you like it, have at it! But the hype…coming days, weeks. It will come from everywhere and everything, even from the faucet. Radio, TV, papers…even YouTube partnered in…bahhh. Overhyped, overpaid period of every 4th year.
Of course, it’s good for FIFA’s business, for the host country’s tourism (this time Russia, so they take a break from spying on the world and fiddling with other country’s internal politics, I assume).

Lucky us, here in this household, we have movies on our server (and more, new torrents to download), there is Netflix, and of course, we have each other and a great weather.

Optima petimus!