Gardening for Love

Hi there again,

Yesterday, while we’ve been in a neighbouring city for a fun day of shopping, eating in a restaurant, walking, I thought: ‘Let’s surprise mom (wife)’

So, in a moment I told my wife, I gotta go to a store nearby, coming back soon.
And soon it was, I came back and brought her (and for us, as I like them too) two plants. Little rose bushes, which one day will be nice big in the garden outside.

So, this morning, we cleaned a separate space, weeded out, in our garden and we decided we will call that part the Garden of Love. Every spring we plant there new, different type of flowers, in pairs, every passed year those symbolise our faithful love for each other. With memories attached to all of them.

These are the first:


These photos have been taken before planting obviously, just to show the first two items of our special work. They’ll grow if nature wants that too. Just as our love grows.
No need to say probably, she really liked the idea I brought up, about this differentiation of that spot and the plants there, giving the name and meaning for them.

Well, romance has many forms and shapes…



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