Britain’s got talents indeed

Those who follow my profile for a longer time, and have read my past blog, might remember I’m a fan of the Got Talent shows. That goes especially for the Britain’s Got Talent one. My favourite judge is Simon, a smart but sarcastic asshat. My type of person, delightfully brutal honesty.

But it’s not about the judges now. It is about the 2018 season, it came online this week and last, their first week of new auditions is now on YouTube, and it already resulted in a Golden Buzzer. The first buzz has been made, button pushed by Ant & Dec. And you know, very rightly so. But why…

There came a magician, as he claimed, and the audience, judges and online viewers had no idea what a spectacular and incredibly heart-wrenching show will be provided by the contestant, for us all!  Watch and be delighted:

I love magic shows, it is a common attribute with me and Simon, he is a sucker for a good, genius magic show. And this one was an incredible performance too, there was a serious series of tricks included, obviously the guy worked on these very well. But the way he included his family’s story in his performance and how that story concluded his gig perfectly, the connection is already magical. And extremely emotional.

His show contained thus twice the magic.
One is greater than the other, just like his way of presentation, and way of thinking and talking about his family. They’re magical already.

So, this year’s season has a great start indeed, but after this, we rightly would ask ourselves: what more could ever come?


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