A letter to the European Union

flag of european union

My letter to the lead of the European Union appeared first earlier today on my Facebook account.

Dear Europian UnionEuropean Parliament Jean-Claude Juncker,

” The predecessor of the EU was created in the aftermath of the Second World War. The first steps were to foster ECONOMIC cooperation: the idea being that countries that trade with one another become economically interdependent and so more likely TO AVOID CONFLICT.

The result was the European Economic Community (EEC), created in 1958, and initially increasing economic cooperation between six countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. ” – and a bit later came the UK to this.

Sure, as this institution is now extended to 28 countries and their governments, politicians, their people; the countries’ leaders must be able to meet and cooperate somehow, hence the European Parliament. There must be rules for safe and efficient collaboration. So, to a certain extent, it is a small % of political union as well. For some businesses in our European lives, that’s understandable.

However, what is definitely not understandable nor acceptable is how far Brussel and the lead of the Union are willing to go to fiddle with member countries’ lives, internal politics, cultural habits, cultural views, and as newest, even with their own traditions in food.

If any of the countries would have ever known that year by year they have to give up more and more of their sovereignty as states, and they start to lose basic rights to govern their life inside their countries, their homes, most of them probably would have said you can shove up your Union where the Sun doesn’t shine in!

How do you even dare to think to order us to (or else, prohibit, sanction, punish, threaten):

– Live with those YOU decide for us to live with (despite the fact, no one could live with the barbarian hordes you import by the millions in years) OR ELSE….
– Eat or not to eat what YOU decide is proper and good for us, even within our own countries’ borders, OR ELSE…
– YOU decide for us what to read, what to watch (those media thus which support your liberal, migrant importing efforts), after you carefully try to silence and suppress those who try to show the truth, halt the madness you call PROGRESSION.
They are categorised in the brand new innovation of “hate speech” (no matter what parts of the greatest countries became huge NO-GO zones), even though only the blind couldn’t see the speed of deterioration in a number of cities, states, and the trend is rapidly growing. And we should agree, OR ELSE…

This post might not be complete with the list of your crimes against the citizens of Europe, against the life and freedom of its OWN citizens, against OUR OWN cultures, security, but the results started to show: Great Britain, which, thanks to their own politicians AND YOU is not so great anymore, is leaving the E.U. already! And frankly, other countries’ citizens consider it a very wise thing to follow.

A liberating trend, if you like so.

I think so too, if you choose to go on this power grabbing, sociopath and frankly disturbingly control freak path, which serves nothing and no one besides you.

This is not YOUR continent.

It is OUR continent, with OUR lives and the result of OUR common work and taxes within. The home of all of us!

European Union ISN’T your state, but it consists 28 sovereign states in an economic alliance (or, as for what it should mean and used to mean) for the better for all of us, for the common good, for the wealth, collaboration and security of all of its citizens.

Thanks to you all in Brussels, those who live shielded away from the everyday reality, the Union is in decline. The health, wealth and security of many states in Europe are in decline. The original and true purpose of this Union is not supported, not served, rather also: in decline.

You see more and more the citizens and states of Europe as those who should serve YOU and your rules.

No, you are WRONG!

You should serve the Union, its countries and its citizens, and respecting their sovereignty, internal politics, traditions and rights for their own governance, governing of all those things you have nothing to do with!

Ever growing millions of citizens of the European Union and Europe as a continent.

And Me. 

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