iPhone-O-Graphy 3.

Good weather…no, great weather with 20-25 Celsius, sun, and flowers everywhere. In our yard, on the streets, parks, no matter where we look, slowly everything turns into green and other colours

Well, obviously, my favourite time to shoot some pictures, especially that we’re going out for a walk already with our Bengal kiddo Roxy (old habit, will never die, not even in a village) the last afternoon/evening. Great moment to take the phone with and refresh the yearly growing stash of photos

park photo spring sun
I saw and thought, THIS could be something worth the capture

I found that above an interesting moment, a naturally great composition if one chooses a center point carefully. Grid helped me, which is always ON, to see even better how a shoot could have the best result to give the view back. Nature’s Symmetry and Composition with light, I would say.

our bengal cat
Roxy on a birdwatch and meditating session

Roxy is a great partner in everything, as a Bengal usually is, I know that for years. Last evening we particularly enjoyed the warm and sounds of new life again. She is a little romantiCat BTW, not quite the hunter interestingly. Smells flowers, lies down on fresh grass, when not climbing. She loves our walks, always did.

spring evening

There was a purpose with this one, I just fucked it up! Simply and frankly, and I’m not stupid nor blind, but here I lost it. I don’t know what I really wanted with this. I put it here anyway, you can go and figure 😀


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