our family dog

As I mentioned last time, now that I’ve switched phones after a long and faithful relationship with my assistant 3T, and back on the iPhone wagon…let’s see if iPhone photography is really that incredibly improved. I am going to make a series out of this.

The device is the iPhone 7 with OIS, as technology sites claim, so there is hope for photo and video tests. There will be different type of photos: animals, landscapes, action shots, plants, micros, macros. All, except for black & white. I don’t fancy that one.

The first test shot was with our doggo, Mazikeen. I made close-ups from two angles. Angles of an Angel, you could say, with a bit of humour. This is one of those:

our family dog
No matter all the bathing, in search of Life under the ground, just can’t remain black everywhere… 😀

Hmmm…So, yes, seemingly a OnePlus 3T can EASILY lose just after one shot already! This above is quality, and it’s just a test, without much trying. For comparison, this below is a OnePlus 3T result, with same daylight circumstances:

Both photos are UNedited.

Now I’m curious, what will happen when serious efforts will be used to create the best possible mobile photographies? NatGeo has some answers, they have plenty of experiences with iPhone-O-graphy, and I have from the past with 5, 5s and 6. After that, the 6, I have been on Android (Samsung, OnePlus) for years, so, I had a lot function discovering to do on iOS and iPhone. But hey, I do like the 7, and it fits to my work computer, Macbook Air, just fine…

See you!


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