iPhone-O-Graphy 2.

The first steps in the present, after thousands in the past

No, Headline 2 isn’t an ancient Asian proverb. It is expressing exactly my years of the past with phone photography and the present. This time I intend to take improving my mobile photography skills seriously, making a dramatic difference, unlike in the past, when I just made shots I thought would be nice.

Without doing things really right.

Although I have made some good pictures with iPhone, Nexus, Samsung, OnePlus devices, and I like photography, if I’m perfectly honest, I never paid enough attention to so many details. It’s time to change on that. I started to read many expert pieces of advice from a major iPhone photography site, subscribed even, and started to experiment with everything.

Let’s say, I took the first steps to understand and accept the mistakes I’ve made in the past and start to correct those. Focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed and camera/editing applications. The first results are in:

IMG_0103IMG_0103 (1)IMG_0099IMG_0038IMG_0039

One of these images you already know, the others are brand new from today (screw, candle). Steps are taken in the right direction, to exploit iPhone’s photographing capabilities.

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