Content might be king, but so is looks

My dear readers,

The oh so many…OK, sarcasm off for now.

Don’t worry, this is still very much the same place. Same poetry works, common update writings, same wit, and sarcasm. However, the visuals have been upgraded. Although the previous one was quite nice and well-working, there are some legit reasons:

  • This look fits better to this site’s theme: literature. Mine. Mostly, mainly, that is the theme. The present looks give that feeling back, in my opinion. You might have a different opinion, you’re 100% free to share that with me. I encourage you!
  • This theme and the modifications work faster. It all loads super well. And that is also important. Faster is one of the points of being user-friendly. And I love my readers, I respect their time.
  • Widgets, instead of being visible all the time, are hidden under a menu of 3 dots. The functions those widgets give are important, but they’re just functions, not the content itself. Let the content have the space in default, and when someone needs the Author, Calendar, Follow or Category widgets, they can be easily found. On the top-right on the desktop. They do not have to distract you from the posts all the time. I want your comfort!
  • Internal/external links show better.
  • Photos, in posts where those are needed, show bigger, clear.
  • Looks of the texts, page menus, header are vastly improved.
  • I love the results! 🙂

Although these are quite important reasons, and my view on things, you’re welcome to have a different one entirely, or some extra points to add. Why not?!

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