Rain, bathrooms and cakes

It’s weekend, even for the freelance entrepreneurs as me and my dear wife, it is sometimes. Friday evening we decided, despite the expected rainy and windy weather, let’s go to the city and do something. Walk around, shop some, eat some…

We certainly did. And as usual, it was fun. No matter any crap weather, better than rather not having a weather at all. OK, I wrote that sentence for the joke obviously, the silly rhyming. But on a serious note, we were two of the VERY few people actually enjoyed Saturday. And as always: together. Just that you know (and so that you never will want), walking with us is a risk. We’re adults, yes, we are 38 years old ones, yes…and does it show? Most of the times, no, it does not. We can’t take life too seriously, at least not very often. Also on the street, we joke a lot, we troll each other plenty.

We got an unhealthy diet day. Thus, no diet at all. We admit that we love to eat and enjoy what our feeling dictates at the moment, rather than going through life sad and pale and dying eventually without being able to take the memories of lovely smoked ham and grilled chicken, or a good old Whopper (double) to the afterlife. Nope, that won’t do. So, we ate, talked, laughed, then went on buying some stuff needed (wanted): yarns for her hobby, new phone for me (the old one will be sold), wireless bell for our gate. Fun stuff.

Before we headed back home, as we had plenty of time over, we finished our tour at a home depot/handyman store. A size of a warehouse, with products in every category you can imagine for repairs, renovations, building, expanding, in and around your house. We did this visit on good reasons: soon we execute a renovation on our house and gardens. We see that too as fun. A lot. While we were looking around, my wife spotted the bathroom section and went there. Our bathroom will be renovated as well.

Few minutes and, despite being in public, and in a full store, she excitedly screamed ‘Daddddyyy’. I went there quickly and I saw what she saw. Our next shower -, and sauna cabin:


Surprisingly, the price was gentle. Not just relatively, compared to the features and design/comfort, but really down to Earth! I was very, very surprised. This beauty is on the list! In the top 10.

After enjoying our planning and what we have to execute later, we visited the restaurant/café of the warehouse. Cakes and cappuccinos. Best before going home. Darling wife took a picture and told me, I look quite the distinguished gentleman on it. Those were her words. Well, decide for yourself:


Not really sure about that, right?!
Neither am I.


5 thoughts on “Rain, bathrooms and cakes

  1. That shower!!!! Fabulous! And that slice of cake! You look fabulous! Every gentleman has to have a little dark side! 😉


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