Music and Me

Music is life, even if it’s a cliché

Once upon a time in Europe…

That’s how I would start a bad fiction tale to be such a bore,  your brain falls out. 🙂
That is not what I’m going to do. I’m telling a non-fiction tale, you didn’t know about me: there have been some years in my life when I’ve been more or less regularly busy with creating my own electronic music tracks. The reasons were simple-tones (bad pun intended):

– I love music. In fact, I’m listening right now some, through my Spotify Premium:
– Some of my favourite trance/house artists went a rogue route I couldn’t follow them to nor I could accept it at all.
– Creative urges in the back of my mind
– Affinity with music studio software and instruments
– Having both my ears in cooperative mode.

Another fact, some of my past creations still haunt users on the web, on Soundcloud’s platform:

This above is my second account, the first one is long gone, with all those creations it contained (sad, those have been better than what I can show here)

Long story to keep short enough, I miss it. I always missed it since I stopped with and I got the itch again to reboot my habit. I need it, I love it. I stopped with because I haven’t had the time for such a real time-consuming activity, and my attention was needed for many other, more important things in our family life, great changes occurred. A series of changes, XXL-size ones.

Now that the time of peace and stability is back, and so are new music ideas, I feel the urge emerging from the deep blue ocean of chords, basses, kicks, and melodies. I feel I could provide improved works, ten times better than used to.

To be continued…


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