This loss weighs heavy

Revelations of the Vampire IX

What use does mourning have right now, son?
What comfort remembrance could provide?
All words and deeds fall short today, and forever,
This loss in our war weighs just that much heavier.
We ran out rushing into a battle, so ignorant, we fool,
Not knowing our enemies prepared all the tools,
Tools of demise and despair against their Makers,
And our beloved sister paid for all of our failures.
No, my son, today is not the day to deal with, for feeling,
The loss for me outweighs the chance of any healing.
Today is the day that we cease to exist, even if can’t die,
To sink into a dark dream and once death may apply.

Published by Robert Varga

Animal and literature, music lover, family guy...what else...oh, yes, coffee addict as hell! Someone who has the dream of becoming a writer. You could call it a goal. I’m earning my living, just like my dear wife, as a freelance DOer, since May 2017. That was the point in my life when I decided, I take all the control back and started to build my little and ever since constantly growing online businesses.

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