Sun, where is it?

I looked this morning at the calendar (digital) and it showed 2nd of March. In my book, a rather desperate one now, it would be time for some changes. Like little more sun, less apocalypse from above. Thanks in advance!

After the calendar, I looked outside too. Just to see, we’re 50 cm further from the love of Spring. That is namely the height of the snow, we just received. I mean, what else should I do if not raising my middle finger towards the view, giving my silent rating about this obvious treachery.


I have some “awesome” photographs about the object of my hate. You want them? No? Well, it’s not about choices my dear reader, it never is. This is how it was earlier this week, ever since, it grew some more:

The forecast has it, they swear it is true (LOL), from Wednesday, next week’s Wednesday not next month’s, it starts with warming up. Rumor has it, Spring steps in and kicks Winter in the butt.

I just have to see that!



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