A Goodbye, yet again

Revelations of the Vampire VII

My love, my darling sister, you’re the bravest from all,
You step up and out, reveal your heart to the crowd.
You just arrived back to us, to our sacred coven,
Yet again a Goodbye shakes my heart, I moan.
Have you ever imagined how we must feel about,
Have you considered the heightened pain, we never tout?
How would you expect I answer selfish desires other,
Than sending you to your way, never again to bother.
Say your Goodbye, hurried like your life would end,
This time, believe me, you won’t be expected back!

Published by Robert Varga

Animal and literature, music lover, family guy...what else...oh, yes, coffee addict as hell! Someone who has the dream of becoming a writer. You could call it a goal. I’m earning my living, just like my dear wife, as a freelance DOer, since May 2017. That was the point in my life when I decided, I take all the control back and started to build my little and ever since constantly growing online businesses.

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