We are together and apart

We live as one, on the same dying star,
Faster in reach, close, still terribly far.
We see, hear, and have the same heart,
We’re the same and together, yet far, far apart.
Confined in one and the only boat we have,
Yet breaking ourselves to hurt, push off and to offend.
No else in this universe could lose the count so well,
On the horrors we think it’s human need and marvel.
Cold, counting greedy and suffocating, bloody, we’re
Lightyears far apart from to become one humanity.
There is the ignoring religion, the powerful faith,
Looking up for solution, what an old tricky bait.
There emerged the hate of an other type of faith,
And while they got busy, we all suffer their trait.
Just keep your face up, into the sky, your mighty void,
And remain blind to all, who seek help here on the ground.


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