The day before

The days of rain and mud passed,
What’s left is water, ocean vast.
So peacefully silent outside and pretty,
Sun shows its face, short, shiny and silly.
There should be an end of winter-suffers soon,
We wish to see trees and bushes in bloom.
But make no mistake my dear fellow citizen!
This is just the day before, I feel it,
All freezes over, even Hell, and snows us in again.
Ma Nature, mark my word, is a troll!
I know…I’m conversant about it,
She screwed us before!



        1. One or other piece, once in a while, of course could be shared I guess. I don’t see any problem. Sure, with fair share policy in place, with obvious source linking (after all, I work on these). Nice blog you have there, BTW.


          1. Once you register on our website, all your content will be published under your name and your profile can have the link to your site.


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