Thou shalt not decide today? Part II.

And She did. Mother Nature heard me

Now, excuse me for the language, please, but: she fucking misunderstood me completely, the son of a snow-stormy, ass freezing, frostbite-happy bitch! I did NOT ask for an apocalyptic turn of events for the last week of February, just before spring should arrive.

Nevertheless, it is going to happen, it is expected that this release of the last remaining power of winter will start tonight/tomorrow morning and goes on for the coming week. At least. Thanks, Ma again, “grateful”. So grateful! 😀

Just with a slap, it goes like this…and worse, because forecasts are careful predictions usually. And with averaged/mid temps.


There have been warnings, official ones, about the weather change which soon hits the country. They expect heavy snowing, quick “cooling” down (which means, your pee outside will hit the ground in solid form before you have a second blink on it), and general chaos everywhere. Fun times are coming…

Well, it is good for one thing.
Getting the sleigh, going to a hill, and having some fun with wife and doggo.


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