Life’s happening and other perks


Update for my precious readers.


I know, I know, I have been away for a week from this blog site, but there are good reasons, don’t have suspicions: work and family.

Our online businesses are growing, there is work more, a lot, lot more. Which is, of course, awesome, as incomes are increasing with the load. And there is private life as well. All the activities simply take time. Time, which is thus taken from my writing activities. I even had to outsource the article writing for the blog of my business site.

But I’m back.

And soon enough more new poetries will appear, standalone pieces, and will continue with my poem series of Revelations of the VampirePromised.

I got a gift from my wife, few days ago (pre-Valentine). My long lost books of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (huge Tolkien fan here), which books have been lost (thanks to some family) for more than a decade. Nearly one and a half. But now, I got them back!

If you ever wondered what true love looks like…

Yes, my wife knows me, loves me.
Because this is a sure sign of love, my friends.



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