Freedom or chains

Revelations of the Vampire IV

We’ve been so naive to think, we are free,
Blinded by promises of youth eternally.
Power lying there to be grabbed, from dead to rise,
And we sucked like kids on the tits of lies.
Being freed from limits of mortality,
Being freed from ageing’s fragility.
Freedom of forgetting about time and space,
To be able to fly and feel the world enhanced.

But our freedom is a mask of youth already dead,
Our power serves a purpose, to spread more of that.
And ageing caught upon us unlike with anyone,
From inside, while we’re called to the dark of our tomb.
Let’s just feed on the blood we never could own,
Celebrate our freedom, the strong and never overthrown.
Dance chained to the night with the last scream of bodies,
And with eternal youth, we return to our coffins!


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