Love, and merciful lies


Revelations of the Vampire II

While walking on the many lands of Earth,
For generations’ time alone, or with you, brother,
Perhaps, to keep that I love, from dead all too sure,
I might have sailed far from Reason’s clear shore.
I was wicked, vicious and tempted to see
This world burning, and everyone flee.
If must, I betrayed, I bit, lied, but I as well loved,
Loved rarely, but strong. Just to never be loved back.
Which I knew, there hasn’t been gentle ignorance to bless,
Swiftly came knowledge, always to hit me, love never lasts.
We never will be seen else than monsters, dear brother.
Not love is what makes easy to bare the dark, my friend,
But rather merciful lies, to save you from torment.


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