Thou shalt not decide today?

Winter(?) weather challenges and (dis)connected thoughts

While Shakespeare is my favourite with both drama and comedy, I wasn’t making an attempt to write a piece in such a style. Why not such ambitions, thee ask’d mé? He was an utter genius, and I’m not.

‘Thou shalt not decide today’ was meant for this “gorgeous weather”, which brings all possible type of circumstances, effects and elements: cold, not so cold, bringing early few drops of rain, just that later can snow, a ridiculous amount which easily disappears as well. Also, changing sunny to apocalyptically gorgeous dark, which would make emo gothic kids cheered up a bit, and vice versa (maxima cum laude from me).

It is awesome. I’m able to practice on adjusting the lights in here while being busy keeping the chaotically racing thoughts in distinctive lanes (or 100s). And after 15 minutes adjusting it all back as Mother Nature remains undecided.

And indeed, Mother Nature, as this can’t be done by a male Nature. We want something, we go for! We want a pair of gloves, a set of screwdrivers? We already have the exact idea what kind of, and we go to the store, pick the right one and go. Preferably paying as well, before the go part. Though, I have been a witness of an event once, where the policy (pay) wasn’t followed. In just 5 minutes, POOF, not 5 hours (past experience). Find, Pay, Go. And not putting it back first to look 10 other shiny, otherwise horrendous options, and then sticking with the original choice.

Of course, no offense, much love for women and especially mothers. I’m happily married, despite the fact that we usually shop together. Yes, everything. I know…what am I? Where is Rob? Why there?
My wife must have a defect (not yet scientifically confirmed), she decides on things so well. She knows many times what she really wants. Her taste is sometimes questionable, sure, after all, I was one of her choices. She still sticks with it fortunately and didn’t want to put me back where she found me… 🙂

I wish we could take the weather job over.

Of course, it’s quite a responsibility, especially on days when you are in a very heightened type of funny mood and have the absurdly strong itch in a part of your brain to make one of a kind jokes. I know I would. Grand plans would take shapes. Like with some family members, friends (ex-ones after).
With extra special attention to animal poachers, rainforest burning and cutting “geniuses”. Politicians. Let’s see if after our personal gifts they still think the same way about Ma Natura as before.

I miss the snow though, our sleigh is prepared to be used again, Mother!
Thou shalt do the job?


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