Site facelift and Shift+Enter

Over the looks and function

Hi there again,

I see, just a few short hours after opening the red door of my imagination’s new universe, and you great folks flood into like it would be a Black Friday sales of little fairy tales.

It makes me very glad, I extremely appreciate all the positive vibes and attention.
On the other hand: don’t you have a weekend to celebrate? Wine to kill? Nerves to wreck? Some strategy to work out in a deliciously evil plan?

You might have noticed that since the initial launch, besides being busy with writing and posting, I changed a few things on the blog site, here and there. I wanted to find the optimal look and functions for all what I planned to release on all of you – [laugh of Doom and Damnation].

That’s over.
The place is good now, for me, as it is. It just needs to receive more posts, more works. It will, with time. Gradually, it will grow.

Also, if you’ve been in the f~ up situation trying to figure out how the hell to write in the WordPress™ editor without the overly large spaces between lines…search no more. The secret lies in a key combination: press Shift+Enter at the point where you want to jump into a new line, with NORMAL sized space between those lines.

Handy, if you ask me.
I just would ask their engineers: why like this?

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