Reasons behind a new blog

I know, I know, some of you might realize well who is the guy behind this blog site. Yep, that one. The creator and maintainer of THIS ONE here.

But …why this?

Above mentioned site is for professional purposes, a place for my freelance career and a work, freelance professions and tools related blog with it. This blog will be my sphere for another type of productivity: the creative side of my personality. This place is becoming, step by step, in the coming days, weeks and months the canvas of all what I wish to paint on it with words.

I used to write poems. I used to write short stories. People used to like them. Or they just didn’t dare to say otherwise. Anyway, I’m going to take things much more seriously, and devoting regular time to share the products of all the hidden areas of my mind, have been locked behind the Red Door carefully.

The chains are off.

But just relax, and dare to enter and see what is coming out….soon. Also, I would love to hear from you, if you have a thought to share…


P.s.: On the photo: me and my wife, Catherine, while we traveled and had fun somewhere and decided to take a rather bit challenging selfie.

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